DAVE discovered The X-Files in 1993, and there's been no turning back as he's immersed himself in all things science fiction and supernatural. He also co-hosts Liber8: A Continuum Podcast with Mike and Dave and was involved with TV Talk, hosting discussion shows on Revolution, The Killing and Defiance. Now part of the Golden Spiral Media family, he co-hosts The Sandbox: A Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Podcast and Dark Matter: An Extant Podcast. Dave also writes for Den of Geek currently reviewing Cinemax's Outcast, History's Vikings, and SyFy's Van Helsing. Before getting into podcasting, he fancied himself a bass player and favors Ernie Ball Music Man instruments even though his practice time has dwindled.

WAYNE: A long time ago in a town not so far away, a couple of young parents took their six year old son to a see a movie at the drive in.  They latched the speaker to the inside of the car window right next to their son, who, being restrained by neither car seat nor seat belt, bounced in anticipation.  As the movie began, and the as-yet-unknown theme song blared, the six year old was immediately and irrevocably lost to the world of science fiction.  The rest is kinda history:  Wayne played lacrosse blah blah blah, went to Canisius blah blah blah, became a teacher blah blah blah, got married and had kids bla… um better watch myself here.  Despite all of the aforementioned distractions, Wayne has been a devoted follower of all things sci fi, fantasy, and supernatural and currently is the spiritual and emotional leader (in other words, Dave does all the work) of the SciFi TV Rewatch Podcast.

Opening Music: "I Still Call Your Name" by Marker Beacon
Closing Music: "Where Is My Savior?" by Marker Beacon

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