Still dealing with the guilt related to Steven's overdose death, Philip deviates from the mission and sets out to save individuals slated to die during their stay in 2016. Carly's boyfriend's suspicions increase, but it's unclear whether or not he's made a solid connection between Carly and Marcie. Travelers asks the fundamental questions all good time travel tales must grapple with: how much do we try to change?

Episode Grade: A



The travelers first mission involves an antimatter device that might be the genesis of the most destructive LMD the Earth has known. Marcie teases David with her knowledge of a future event, but their identities could be compromised as the nuclear physicist in charge of the program suspects something may not be right.

Episode Grade: B+



Five individuals arrive from the future intent on executing a large scale plan to alter the events that led to the apocalyptic world from which they've come. Starring Eric McCormack as FBI agent Grant MacLaren, MacKenzie Porter (Marcy Warton), Nesta Cooper (Carly Shannon), Jared Abrahamson (Trevor Holden), and Reilly Dolman (Philip Pearson), the travelers acclimate themselves to their new bodies and their new surroundings in this 12 episode series that first aired on Showcase in Canada.

Episode Grade: B+



After making some final comments about the season three finale of The Librarians, Dave and Wayne set out to draft an all-star crew for a ship that will venture out among the stars. Listeners also check in with their choices as eternal arguments are set into motion. The guys each choose a ship, a captain, a pilot or first mate, an engineer or tech genius, a medical officer, an artificial intelligence or android, and a utility crew member. James T. Kirk vs Malcolm Reynolds; The Tardis vs Klingon Bird of Prey; who put together the best crew?




With the Library under siege by DOSA and Apep, the team is forced to operate outside of the box to successfully prevent the release of pure evil into the world. Employing their new abilities, the young Librarians manage to defeat the roadblocks that have been put into place by an unlikely foe.

Episode Grade: A



In Episode 308 Flynn takes Eve to Alaska for a romantic meal while the young Librarians investigate a spa that turns out to be a vampire sanctuary. However, the episode takes a major turn as Cassandra is rushed to a hospital to have her tumor removed and possibly her abilities as well. Episode 309 finds the team visiting Shangri-La, but it's the huge revelation about Eve that pushes everything else into the background as we head towards the season finale.

Episode Grades: 308 Dave A  Wayne C / 309 A-



The team goes off to investigate a cult that worships a young woman named Cindy, however, once at her compound, the situation proves a bit more complex. We not only encounter DOSA soldiers preparing to launch a missile, but find that Ezekiel's feeling that he knows Cindy from somewhere reveals a side of him that we've not seen before. The episode provides a glimpse of our obsessive natures and a fascination with reality television. Dave and Wayne also discuss the problems facing viewers of historical fiction such as History's Vikings.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A



As The Librarians moves into the back half of its third season, the death of one of the characters continues to loom ominously overhead. Tracking down the Eye of Ra, the artifact that should help prevent the release of pure evil into the world, requires the team to descend into the wormhole popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle. Once there, Noah Wyle's script incorporates elements from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass as Flynn Carsen is forced to examine his own life choices and how they impact those around him. Dave and Wayne predict who is most likely to die before the end of the season, and they take a brief look at the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas episode "The Return of Doctor Mysterio."

Episode Grade: A



Dave and Wayne get together in Studio B to knock out two episodes during their lunch break. In "The Librarians And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," Eve is marked for death by the Oracle of Delphi, but some quick thinking and a silver compact help her defeat The Reaper in this episode that is bookended with the team in a pizza joint. With two high profile guest stars, "The Librarians And the Tears of a Clown," finds Sean Astin as a heart broken sociopath bent on finding the girl who jilted him at a carnival some twenty years prior. Playing his lost love, Felicia Day rocks the episode in a role we rarely get to see her perform.

Episode Grades: 304 B+ / 305 Dave B-  Wayne B



Dave and Wayne discuss the season finale of HBOs Westworld before diving into this week's episode of The Librarians. While Flynn continues his search for Charlene, Stone and Cassandra travel to Sweden to recover a magic crystal. As it turns out, they get caught in the middle of a fight between a group of Frost Giants, and despite his best efforts to prevent it, Stone approves of Cassandra's use of magic to help them return to The Library.

Episode Grade: A-



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